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2015 Sales Meeting and 2016 Marketing meeting held on November 17th

Date:2015-11-27 13:40


ShenZhen ENER S&T CO.,LTD 2015 Sales Meeting and 2016 Marketing meeting held on November 17th . There are 13 nationwide offices regional managers aggregation headquarter in ShenZhen , summed up the 2015 and plan in 2016. The administrative of ShenZhen ENER S&T LO,.LTD do a lot of jobs for this meeting. The mission is: business elites, all of you have work hard, ShenZhen home is always a warm haven .Let all of outside business elites feeling good back home.





This meeting has been held for 5 days. At the meeting, Wang Guoqing Who is the chairman and general manager of the company on behalf of the Board of Directors has deployed the company’s goals in 2016 and the development program in the next three years. Besides, during this period, Yang Wendong, the vice-general manager has spent about 30hours within two days to share his detailed and thoughtful working analysis about the global market distribution, channel development, marketing policies, product architecture, customer service and other aspects. During the meeting, all department heads coming from Personnel, Ministry of Finance, research and development department, supply chain centers, quality control department and other operational staff have a thorough communication with salesmen. All managers, including R & D manager, technical services manager, have held the training for all main salesmen coming from all over the country about the product performance, product features, industry applications.










In the discussions during the meeting, heads of  the Northwest region, East China region, South China& Central China region and Northeast& Southwest region actively took the floor, and frankly said that they have joined this industry more than ten years, but this is the warmest, most passionate, most comprehensive, most practical, and most workable conference they have seen. They feel very confident in their sale work in their regions and the applications of the E series frequency inverter, and they firmly believe that our company will have a rapid development in the future.
After the meeting, company organized company-wide staff visit Zhongshan former residence to feel revolutionary pioneers, Three People's Principles advocate, founding father Sun zhongshan’s glorious life and twists. And also feel Sun zhongshan’s faith, for national interests indomitable revolutionary spirit.

Zhuhai hot spring day trips is part of meeting item. During this day trip, our hard-working staffs not only pleasant mood, but also let the birthday Wishes for the activity add warmth and romance like a big family, which achieves our activity’s purpose again--all of our ENERGIZE staffs travel Zhuhai, relax themselves, picnic recreation and enjoy the health hot-spring. Zhongshan hot spring let us wash away the fatigue of a year of work, being full of energy to meet the challenges of the 2016 update of the automation industry.








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