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Corporate Culture

1. Our principles for work and employment
Work principle: Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today;
Employment principle: everyone is a talent, as long as he/she is suitable for the job; we give priority to efforts rather than education;

2.Our product concept
Quality is the life, credibility is the soul, innovation is the driving force, and responsibility is the future;

3.Our operation concept
Service terminals, stay close to the market, protect channels, and achieve win-win situations.

4.Our values
Diligence: hard-working, diligent, thrifty; to be in the action and lead by example;
Thrift: plain, economic, abstinent; save every penny austerely;
Collective: nation, enterprise, family; revitalize the nation, invigorate the enterprise, and make families prosper.

5.Our work spirit
Indomitable in front of difficulties, and persevering at work and stick to the end;
To give tit for tat against problems; and improve efficiency indomitably.

6.“Three prides and one trust”
Pride 1: the company is proud of its excellent partners;
Pride 2: the partners are proud of the company’s development;
Pride 3: the manufacturer and users are both proud of harmonious win-win situations;
One trust: the manufacturer and users trust each other and have confidence in the products.